MidemNet academy : Smart Metadata - Keynote by FX Nuttall

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Smart Metadata : What It is and How it could Improve Your Business

Keynote Presented by FX Nuttall, CISAC's Technology Intelligence Senior Consultant, during the "MidemNet academy" training sessions, at Midem 2010

In a few slides FX Nuttall explains the relevance and the utility of metadata: how can information on musical content be easily and automatically exchanged between all parties? How can nano-transactions of musical content be monetised in a cost-efficient way? Who should care about metadata? Who needs to be involved in this process?

more information and Powerpoint slides can be downloaded here : http://www.cisac.org/CisacPortal/listeArticle.do?numArticle=1076&method=afficherArticleInPortlet

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