EU promotes the Improvement of Mother and Child Care Health

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Through this programme to improve mother and child health, the EU and
UNICEF are working with the government to help Uzbekistan's hospitals
and health workers attain modern international standards in maternal
and newborn care.

In 14 months, over 6 000 health providers have been trained and
infant mortality rates are falling in key regions.
16 regional training centres are already renovated, equipped and
In the Neonatal Pathology Unit of the Samarkand Hospital, the
mortality rate has dropped by more than a third.

Communication actions:
Joint EC / UNICEF press releases for the project are now used as examples of best practice in 60 countries. Videos of the project are top rated in Moreover the project has taken full advantage of internet fast penetration in Uzbekistan, by creating a resource centre on with key texts and knowledge for maternal and child health professionals.

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