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    EU promotes Enhancement of Living Standards in Belarus

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    Enhancement of Living Standards programme in Belarus

    This programme is aimed to fighting poverty by bringing greater self-sufficiency to the local rural population. An example is drinking water. By bringing together mid-level local government officials, community based practitioners, farmers, women and young people the programme makes it possible to exchange information, replicate community co-financing for drinking water and organize training on water management.

    By communicating the project vision, the Programme has been successful in mobilizing 600.000 people and persuading them to co finance with the project up to 50 % of the funds required to install or repair water infrastructure. As a result, 295.000 people in Namangan, Fergana and Andijan regions can now drink clean piped water. Community mobilization has helped them to develop self reliance and a problem solving attitude so important for their development, but which they lacked.