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    Formafantasma, Moulding Traditions


    door rrrobb

    Simone & Andrea took inspiration in the history of a small city in Sicily, Caltagirone. The little town, famous for its ceramics and local tradition, has over 300 craftsmen working in the city. As an iconic base and as inspiration they used one of the most famous traditional Sicilian artworks "Teste id moro" referring to the vases which show the face of a native African. The once conquering Moors returned several centuries later as immigrants, leaving behind an ever changing mix of traditions and materials to be absorbed as culture. The duo rethought the iconic vase and added their own design touch during their Masters at the Design Academy Eindhoven. The distant worlds of artifacts and illegal immigration began to blur together revealing unusual correlations. This resulted in several objects in the "Moulding Tradition" collection. video by interview by Matylda Krzykowski ( more information can be found on