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    Women March for Unity in Sweden


    by NTDTelevision

    Women are marching in Sweden to celebrate their unity. Hundreds gathered in the nation’s capitol to support a campaign aimed at reducing maternal mortality. The event also attracted quite a lot of men and kids.

    Around 600 people marched through Stockholm on Monday under the banner "Unite for Women."

    Women, men and their children - many of them in prams with specially designed pink covers - participated in the march on International Women's Day, calling on the Swedish Government to urge other countries to improve care for women.

    Each year, hundreds of thousands of women die while giving birth, during unsafe abortions or due to the lack of proper medical care before or after giving birth.

    Sarah, who took part in the march, said this was a good day to highlight women's problems around the world.

    [Sarah, March Participant]:
    "I think it's important to acknowledge the problems that still exist for women around the world and today is a good opportunity because it's the International Women's Day."

    Emelie Smedslund says that it’s important to show politicians that women and their children all over the world have the right to a safe environment.

    [Emelie Smedslund, March Participant]:
    "Because I think it's really, really important that women all over the world have the same chances and opportunities to get hospital care and to have a safe environment for themselves and their kids. That's why."

    The march started in a park in central Stockholm and ended outside the parliament building, where the organizers called on the Government to do more.

    Swedish Minister for International Development Gunilla Carlsson said the government was already doing much but that they would continue to raise the issue.



    International Women's Day is held on March 8 every year to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across the nations.