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    Jabra BT325S Headset

    Digital Trends

    by Digital Trends

    The Jabra BT325S and BT125 are Bluetooth siblings. The BT325S is a headset, while the BT125 is an earpiece. The Jabra BT325S allows you to listen to your music using your favorite MP3 player, and answer your cell phone. When an incoming call takes place, answering it with the Jabra BT325S fades the music out so you can talk. Once you hang up, your music will come back to full volume.You connect the BT325S' chord to your MP3 player while you use the Bluetooth to connect to your cell phone. The buttons on the Jabra BT325S control your phone and not your MP3 player.

    The Jabra BT125 is a Bluetooth ear piece to be used with your cell phone. It supports Bluetooth 2.0, weight less than half an ounce, and has a battery life of up to 8 hours. The BT125 can be worn on either the left or right ear, has volume up/down buttons along with a single button answer.