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new video for Tiga !
What You Need will be released on 19/04 with remixes from Steve Aoki, A-Trak and Chromeo

The new video for Tiga’s “What You Need” is loosely based on a series of short narrative poems the musician wrote about replacing Canada’s wooded areas with green screens and weird models. Avid Tiga Story Club readers will be able to spot elements from “Livin’, Leafin’ n’ Lovin’”, “How Could You Leaf Me Here to Die” and “It’s Just a 4est 2 U (SoulDenial)”.

With regards to casting, Tiga had originally planned to be as hands-on as his hands would allow. “I had certain types in mind for the characters. I asked the director to show me The Longestshoreman. The Fish-Eating Vegetarian. The Cross-City Skier. He came back with what you actually see in the video. I said, ‘Fine. I’ve got a big softball game to worry about. You figure it out.’”

And figure it out he did, creating a vivid dreamer’s scape that takes the word “surreal” back from inarticulate college dropouts. “The team that worked on this video are a regular ‘Who’s-UNNGH!’ of young creatives,” says Tiga. “I will make sure each of them receives a copy of my album. But they will not be autographed, because I now consider these people my peers. Dream on that.”

video directed by CASSIANO PRADO
video production company AGILE FILMS