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    Nigeria's Village Attacks Aftermath


    by NTDTelevision

    Hundreds of people were killed on Sunday in Nigeria, many women and children. It is not known yet what triggered the deadly attacks, but tensions between Muslim herders and Christians farmers are rising.

    The bloody aftermath of deadly clashes in Jos state in Nigeria.

    As many as 300 people, many of them young children, were killed in the attacks early on Sunday.

    Witnesses say Hausa-Faulani herders from surrounding hill areas attacked three villages around 3:00 am.

    As the slain bodies were collected in the village of Dogo Nahawa, those who survived, like Moses Tarrok, described their ordeal.

    [Moses Tarrok, Eye Witness]:
    "Those that were shooting, they were not shooting there. They were shooting in the air to scare the people away. We come out defenseless. We come out defenseless, you see. So they now succeeded in matcheting all these boys and girls, and women that are trying to run."

    will come out and those that came out they killed. They succeeded in matcheting all these children and some women that wanted to run."

    Aid workers say some bodies were charred, and some had been shot.

    It was not immediately clear what triggered the latest attacks, which left many in serious condition in hospital, though ongoing tensions between Muslim herders and Christians over farmable land is thought to be at the root of the violence.

    Attacks between the two groups in January left at least 326 people dead in Jos province.