Jesus and the Gurus vs Tyske Ludder - Pädo Pedro (Pädophil)

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Jesus and the Gurus, formed in 1994, is one of the earliest Gothic-Industrial Band still
active in Switzerland. During the years, Jesus and the Gurus has gained cult-status.
Many live-appearances throughout Europe brought them many fanatic fans and probably
as many enemies.
Jesus and the Gurus developed their own unique homogenous style of sound: industrial
metal joining bombastic neofolk meets dark gothic spiced up with a shot of electronics. A
brutal fist pushed into the stomach of the harmony-spoiled gothic-scene.
Lyrics of the exceptional band are pumped with cynism, sarcasm and rebellion against
mankind. Jesus and the Gurus perceive themselves as mirror our our own fears. Thus,
they draw attention by media like TV3, StarTV or VOX and came into much trouble. Having
misunderstood the mission of the band totally, media marked Jesus and the Gurus as
fetish-satanic musicians or Nazis. The uncomfortable, disturbing topics and tabus most
likely overloaded the dumb rainbow-press.

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