The Face World Song!

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Shaving Hair for Equality, exposing the Cancer of the World as the abusive hair-care product industry and the use of hair to present a false face hair today gone tomorrow cut it off will there be sorrow is your hair your claim to fame is the man made by the mane is there fear to look the same is Equality a shame shame-poo and CONditioner CONdition him CONdition her chemical warfare in the name of fur shave it off and see it you're still who you were at face world face world where you face the faces of our face world face world where you show the faces of our face world face world where you show your face for all to see get the hair out of your eyes cause we all know that it's a disguise face to face reality reveal your inner world to see at faceworld

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to shave your head is a little step for standing equal with everything what exist... no using shame-poo, hair-conditionier & other stuff from the chemical hair industry who is pollute our water and thus stopp also the animal test.
Thanks Matti - cool sound
By Klaus Hoefler 5 years ago