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    Bambi- Never Too Late(Preview)

    Jami Moon Dragon

    by Jami Moon Dragon

    Meh, I found this project and I started working al lil bit on it again today, but the Movie Make keeps screwing up the music cuz I think there's a virus in the music file sooo if I wanna continue this vid I'll have to redownload the music...not a problem...but do you think I should finish it? :p


    Song 1: Better off Alone
    Artist: Three Days Grace
    Song 2: Never Too Late
    Artist: Three Days Grace

    I have a creative commons licence on this audio.
    The clips are legal under "Free Domain" Which means they've been shown on TV and the public is able to use the clips, because once the movie is shown on TV, the clips are gunna go every which way. :P