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    Apple iPod nano 2nd Generation

    Digital Trends

    by Digital Trends

    On September 12, 2006, Steve Jobs announced the immediate release of the "completely remastered" iPod nano. The new iPod nano sports an entire physical redesign and the brilliant use of tough, anodized aluminum as the main exterior material. The new iPod nano is now available in five vibrant colors - reminiscent of the color selection offered with the iPod mini. Apple managed to make a significant upgrade to an already-excellent battery, and they brightened the color screen. If the aforementioned changes weren't enough, Apple also enhanced the iPod user interface with several new features. The original iPod nano was a stunning success for Apple, selling over 1 million units in the first 17 days after its release in 2005, and it is estimated that Apple has sold well over 30 million iPod nanos since the beginning of 2006. The new iPod nano, with its many important improvements, will likely dwarf the sales statistics and user enthusiasm for the original nano.