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    This is the Big One - Andy Fraser - Official Music Video

    96 views - Andy Fraser, 70’s Rock Icon, Keeps Issue of Global Warming Front-and-Center with Powerful Anthem and Music Video “This is the Big One”

    Songwriter of “All Right Now” by Classic Rock Band ‘Free’ Continues to Rally Support Against Catastrophic Climate Change

    From his forthcoming album, On Assignment, “This is the Big One” is perhaps the most galvanizing lyrical work of Fraser’s career. With a driving rock beat, haunting vocals, and virtuoso slide work from one of music industry’s best female guitarists, Kat Dyson (Prince and The New Power Generation), the track hearkens back to the days when music carried messages that entered the social consciousness and helped to spark change. “’This is the Big One’ features striking images of sandy beaches, sunsets and cascading waterfalls, juxtaposed with power plants belching flames toward the sky, melting icecaps and rising ocean levels.”