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    Logitech Z-10 Speakers

    Digital Trends

    by Digital Trends

    The Logitech Z-10 Interactive Speakers are pretty unique: It comes with a built in LCD display and touch sensitive controls. The LCD display not only shows track information, but can bet set to cycle through various other displays like CPU usage and total elapsed time. There are 4 programmable presets that can be used to save your favorite radio stations or playlists so you can recall them easily. The speakers are a 30 watt RMS two-way speaker design with a digital crossover to provide clean sound. The touch-sensitive controls are just plain cool, and make the speakers easy to use. We only wish a subwoofer was included. The only drawback is that while you can use these speakers on Mac OS X and other operating systems, they were meant to be used with Windows XP or later. This means that you will lose functionality using them on other operating systems. On Mac OS X, we could only control the volume with the touch sensitive controls, and the LCD display did not function correctly.