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    Demolition vs The Orient Express


    by TSteck160



    Demolition has always been my favorite Tag Team. I love watching any WWF Matches from MSG. I want to see a rematch where Demolition Wins
    By jeffwade6 years ago
    I can't believe all of the commentators failed to name the Wild Samoans and the team of Fuji and Toru Tanaka as 3 time tag team champions. Even though they would mention the team of Fuji and Tanaka shortly after saying that no team had ever won the tag titles on three occasions they didn't realize or correct the error. And who can forget the Wild Samoans? I would guess they were just trying to separate Demolition from all the previous teams in wwf history.

    Anyway wwe needs to induct Demolition into the wwe hall of fame soon, they deserve it and have enough name recognition to headline an annual class of induction.

    Huge win for the Orient Express in this match, I was genuinely shocked that they got the victory.
    By Oldvitor6 years ago