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    Death Toll Rises from Chile Quake


    by NTDTelevision

    New video shows the moment a tsunami slammed the shore near Constitucion, the same day an 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Chilean city.

    The video, obtained by a local television station, shows massive waves approaching the city, accounting for nearly half the official death toll.

    Four days on, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet says that toll is still rising.

    [Michelle Bachelet, Chilean President]: (Spanish)
    "The latest information included an increase in the number of dead from Maule, is very close to eight hundred. Seven hundred and ninety something and that keeps changing by the moment, so I would say we are close to 800 dead."

    Heavy machinery, which had been delayed from reaching Constitucion, is now being used to speed up recovery efforts.

    Desperately needed aid is also arriving in the city, where many families have been left destitute and are living on the streets.

    One resident described the moment the quake hit.

    [Mirta Sanchez, Resident]: (Spanish)
    "I was lying down. I was sleeping with my daughter in a big bed. The door frame fell on us and I wasn't sure what was happening. I wanted to get her out of there. It was dark, completely dark. But as a mother, the first thing to do is to take care of my children. So I got her. But I came outside and I saw everything had fallen."

    Many Chileans have complained that scores of deaths could have been avoided had the government responded faster to the earthquake, which set off a tsunami a few hours later that killed many who survived the quake.