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EXTRACTS from DVD TERANGA (handicapped musicians show

il y a 8 ans1.5K views

Impressive! Mentally handicapped musicians give the best of themselves on stage, playing with professionals. It is a cocktail of energy, generosity and sincerity, for all types of audiences.

More videos, info and legal download on : www.teranga-show.com

There are 2 parts : first part is the integral concert, and secondly a documentary that is to show the work and the process fo creating the music that the musicians go through, based on rhythm sensations. The documentary also shows that the concerts have helped to contribute, stimulate and liberate the energy of the handicapped musicians, permitting them to express themselves individually while also contributing to the group.

Teacher and Artistic Director : Michael Bougon

DVD Director : Cyril Auribault pour Artis-Studio

Producer : Musique & Handicap 78

Musicien : www.michaelbougon.com
Spectacle musiciens handicapé : www.teranga.fr
Show with handicapped musicians : www.teranga-show.com
Groupe de variété : www.captainjava.fr

Compositieur : www.myspace.com/michaelbougonsaxophone

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EXTRACTS from DVD TERANGA (handicapped musicians show
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