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    Sound of Everything


    by blackscorpio111



    Quantic feat Alice Russell - Sound of Everything

    I heard that danger comes from high above,
    We heard the deafening sound of hate & love,
    I heard that trouble comes from deep within,
    We only heard the sound of everything,... See More

    I saw the bright light of the Sun,
    We saw the many different shapes as one,
    I saw the white snow turn to dust,
    We saw a different earth of love & trust,

    I heard that music came from outer space,
    We had it cast upon the human race,
    I heard the future from afar,
    We heard the past from a distant star
    By blackscorpio1116 years ago
    I saw the patterns in the sky,
    We saw our only chance passing by,
    I saw the people change to cope,
    We saw a distant space of love & hope,

    I felt the feeling from way out there,
    We felt vibrations, the bass & snare,
    I felt the tender touch of sound,
    We felt the many planets spinning ‘round,

    I saw the shadows glow & shine,
    We saw the silent passing of our time,
    I saw the world change to breath,
    We rowed the boat through heavy seas ...
    By blackscorpio1116 years ago