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why is your children watching bill maher? this music is making my vagina tear up
By dougreamer 4 years ago
This is intellectually dishonest horse dooky. If you really believe what you're saying--that we shouldn't confuse some spiritual belief in Jesus as a teacher or some such with institutional Christianity--then why don't you go after the religious zealots who through the centuries have slaughtered in the name of God and who now threaten to make Christianity our national religion instead of attacking Maher, Hitchens, Harris, etc. for pointing out how dangerously wrong religion is?

Science is not equivalent to religion in its responsibility for death and suffering. Science is simply a quest to understand nature. Technology is the tools developed using scientific understanding, which is very different. The decisions to develop and use horrific weapons of mass destruction were made by politicians.

To paraphrase: Thermonuclear devices don't kill people. Political leaders kill people.
By dirtprof 4 years ago
You want ‘unbiased and accurate understanding’? But only when a few voices are raised in objection after 2,000 years of bigoted, bronze age religious teaching. Why did God choose an illiterate, backward tribe in the middle of nowhere when he could have chosen the Chinese who could at least read and had a civilisation?
By ritchloui 4 years ago
Whether Jesus was real or not, and whether he was a true advocate of peace are red herring arguments for atheists. The fact is there is no evidence that to support the notion that there is a god or gods or that Jesus or anyone else was supernaturally endowed.
By rrlane 5 years ago
seriously. still an idiot.
By uteanne 5 years ago
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