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    'Nico Endhol' presents: Inside the Spectacle ...

    Nico Haupt

    by Nico Haupt

    BIONIC COMEDIAN Nico Endhol aka nico haupt [we live in public,, 13.1Thames Noise Prod. etc...] (proudly) presents, pre-premiering at soundcloud and facebook: 'Nico Endhol' presents: Inside the Spectacle ["Multi-Matrix WLIP/WORLD ON THE WIRE-Soundcloud-Tribute NoiseStep Mashlivism ReMixx"] pre-premiering as mp3-only version at soundcloud nico endhol presents: "inside the spectacle"" [soundcloud filther noise remixx; ] original at ; notes at +++ COMPLETE NOTES incl. infos resu-*me* AT and mostly at facebook +++ parallel warmup video, as forthcoming guest on the 03/05/10 Jim fetzer radio show, as the world's last and best media scientist nico haupt [aka mc nicomedy2010 aka nico endhol, bionic comedian, eccentric media science comedian, known from "WE LIVE IN PUBLIC" and other stuff ;] .... 2009 -2001 biogrpahing himself into wikipedia, deletionpedia,, youtube, VR, AR- and MR World, sundance film price awardist, co-ReProducer weltamdraht [U.S. BOOTLEG], Encyclopedianist,johnwatersselfawardist, situationalism comedy, bionic comedy language, analog- and digital structuralist, anti-garbage and bulls**t structuralist, constructionalist, friend of john peel, name-promoter, creationalist, anti-paradigmer, diplomed [U.S.-] german media scientist, 'ghettofight at 13.1Thames', almostOscarNominated for WLIP, boxopera 2001, biography and videography linked to first videomashups incl. -charts worldwide, retrofluxus, nicowar-holIsm, digital feminism, antiBionicFascism, bionic comedy writer, googlejacking, tagjacking, RSSjacking, scriptkiddie [wq2rx], mashlivism, taglivism, antiPoliticAL/antipolitical WINDOWWASHER, anti-oldschoolTrangressionartist-artivist [vs. NickZedd, Henry CIACOCKSUCKER Rollins, JelloLeftGateKeeper Biafra etc], antiDigitalCensorship fighter and comedian, IgiveaFuck Inc. Founder, antiEstablishment establishment, poetry douche, ...