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    Stuntman Breaks Motorbike Jump World Record


    by NTDTelevision

    Biker Seth Enslow breaks the world record for the longest jump on a Harley-Davidson in Sydney. He broke the record set by Bubba Blackwell in Las Vegas in 1999.

    American biker Seth Enslow broke the world record for the longest jump on a Harley Davidson Tuesday morning in Sydney.

    Enslow jumped 183.7 feet between ramps breaking a previous record of 157 feet set in Las Vegas in 1999 by Bubba Blackwell.

    Enslow then attempted a second jump for viewers and injured himself on the landing.

    Local media said the stunt took 12 months to prepare. Enslow says he’s satisfied with the outcome.

    [Seth Enslow, Biker]: (English)
    "Lot of hard work putting this ramp together the last few days, the weather has been testing us but we made it happen so accomplished the job we set out to do."

    Enslow previously tried to break a distance jump record in 1999 in the United States with a custom Honda motorbike but failed his landing and hit his head against the handlebar.