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    by FlintChevyDealer

    12 views | Auto Center Flint MI Traveling down the roads in Flint, Michigan you may notice tons of auto dealers along the way. Many with big signs and big advertisements to get you to stop in.With the array of dealerships an the abundance of rhetoric, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right dealer for your automotive needs. That's why is the place to go. You can stop in for a visit here in Flint, Michigan, check out the site, or give us a call at (877) 747-5905 We have an excellent staff team that is here for your support, an will help you through the grim some problems some have when trying to purchase a new vehicle. We know that with great customer service comes great recognition and credibility, which is why we strive at meeting your automotive needs to get you on your way. Very structured and organized are we, which will make for a swift paper work process. We try to eliminate the headache and hassle that many other dealerships carry with them, often leaving the consumer exhausted after spending long, tiring hours sitting in a dealership room. Our friendly and courteous staff will be sure not to leave you in a bore. We carry a wide selection of great new and pre-owned vehicles that is backed by seller ratings and warranties. We are intricate in selecting our inventory, therefore assuring that you the consumer will receive a reliable, safe and affordable vehicle. Whether compact or luxury, we here at will handle all of the red-tape. Feel free to browse through the selection of trusted manufacturers we work with, and also check out the great deals we are having right now, on many of our models. Need some work on the vehicle you purchase? Or on a vehicle you already own? Our body shop can handle all of those needs to help you trick-out your new ride. We have an incredible staff here, with mechanics that know what they are doing. Your vehicle will definitely be ready to take on the road after receiving our service. Call for an appointment ...