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    Sustainable Living is Popular in Melbourne


    by NTDTelevision

    On the banks of the Yarra River, Federation Square Melbourne, the rows of white peaked tents are filled with many alternative ways to educate and inspire communities towards sustainable living.

    What better way to cotton on, than to buy organic cotton envelopes! Nicole Golland now supplies over sixty schools.

    [Nicole Golland, Business Director: Lopees]:
    “The smaller envelopes are used in over sixty schools so far, and the bigger envelopes are used in a couple of local councils, and we’re hoping to get them into the bigger organizations, and hopefully one day Australia Post might take it on and actually use it as an alternative envelope in the Australia Post system.”

    Molas are the textile work of the women of the Kuna people from North Colombia.

    [Natalia Ball, Business Director]:
    “They use it to sustain their community. And also the fact that they will reuse the panels, means that the material by itself is not thrown away. It’s reused to make shoes and bags and different things that people can use.”

    local resident Ewen Richards has visited the festival for many years.

    [Ewen Richards, Massage Therapist]:
    “Since it began and I have seen it grow, I’ve been quite inspired by it.”
    Trading fairly with Indonesia, ‘Wozwaste’ is all made from recycled materials. Magazines, toothpaste tubes, advertising banners and inner tubes, and it’s all made with fair trading.

    [Catherine Curmi, Manager: Wozwaste]:
    “We don’t need to make more materials in this world that just goes into landfill...we can reuse it.”

    The director of the festival is very pleased with the growing public interest.

    [Luke Taylor, Festival Director]:
    “It’s not often we can get so many people and information together in one space, so the people can really share in that knowledge that we need to be able to accelerate the uptake of sustainable living.”

    Janine Rankin, NTD Melbourne, Australia