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    Archos 501413 Clipper 2GB MP3 Player


    by ComputerTV

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    The Archos 501413 Clipper 2GB MP3 is the music player you’ll always be able to carry with you. So tiny that you barely feel or see, it’s easily transportable and clips on anywhere. With a storage capacity big enough to hold 60 hours of music, and a price tag as small as the Clipper itself. The ARCHOS Clipper is not only an MP3 player, the Archos 501413 Clipper 2GB MP3 really is your daily companion that’s clipped on your shirt when you’re going to work, on your sweatshirt when you’re working out, or even on your cap while taking a nap. You’ll get so used to Archos Clipper MP3 Player with your morning habits will become shirts, pants, zipper and Clipper.