Erhu Performance, Shen Yun in Rochester in New York

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Also in Rochester, the sound of the traditional Chinese erhu instrument left an impression on audience members at the Rochester Auditorium Theatre. Many had wonderful things to say about the solo performance.

Over the weekend, Shen Yun Performing Arts was welcomed by audience members at the Rochester Auditorium Theatre in Rochester, New York.

The erhu was a favorite instrument for one audience member.

[Andre Becoats, Video Manager]:
“It was one of my favorite instruments. I love the sound of it. I thought it was beautiful.”

Jason Maedl, a production director, was really amazed that the erhu could produce many notes.


Baptist Minister Richard Myers was enchanted by the music.

[Richard Myers, Baptist Minister]:
“It’s enchanting to hear that erhu. It just digs really deep in to the soul. To listen to that music.”

An audience member enjoyed listening to the erhu.

[Rob Chen, Audience Member]:
“It’s great. I heard it before and it was just wonderful to hear it played. It was just perfect. It just fits in so well. The balance of the music was wonderful.”

Audience member Jeff Sprague was impressed by the erhu performance.


Mr. Sprague is the Assistant Director of a local news company, 13WAHM-TV. He hopes that Shen Yun can perform in China one day.

[Jeff Sprague, Assistant Director, 13WAHM-TV in Rochester]:
“It’s quite a shame that people in mainland China can’t see this. You know the surprise of saying that ‘here is your culture, I’m sorry you can’t enjoy it where you actually live. It’s the people outside of the mainland that hold it for you and just wait for it to be able to come home’.”

The Chinese Communist Regime has prevented Shen Yun from entering China, and has allegedly interfered with their performances over the years. Some of the members of Shen Yun practice Falun Gong, a spiritual meditation practice that is currently being persecuted in China.

NTD News, Rochester, New York.

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