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    N.Z. Inventor Creates Flying Hovercraft


    by NTDTelevision

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    And in New Zealand, a mechanic has invented the a new kind transport vehicle for local farmers. It's a decade in the making and was created using old household items.

    Rudy Heeman has spent over a decade to create his perfect hovercraft machine. The W.I.G. or “Wing in Ground” vehicle can become airborne once it reaches a speed of over forty miles an hour.

    The New Zealand inventor learned to laminate fiberglass, modify car engines and reuse any old household items.

    [Rudy Heeman, W.I.G. Craft Inventor]:
    "This is an old gas bottle of a barbecue."

    The wings are removable which is handy for transporting the W.I.G, but deadly if they are not secured properly.

    [Rudy Heeman, W.I.G. Craft Inventor]:
    "That's called the Jesus pin, when that pin comes out, you see Jesus."

    Heeman says his vehicle is perfect for farmers.

    [Rudy Heeman, W.I.G. Craft Inventor]:
    "You can land on your paddocks and you wouldn't have to worry about opening or closing your gates, you just go over them."

    Another advantage is that the W.I.G. has been classified as a marine craft and doesn’t need a flying license.