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    Eden's Quest - The Hunt for Akua (PC-MAC-iPad) Trailer

    OUAT Entertainment

    par OUAT Entertainment

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    You are Eden Hunt, a famous archaeologist, who embarks on a breathtaking treasure hunt in an isolated island which owner is... very discreet.
    To find out the much coveted treasure, every participant has to overcome numerous ordeals and collect pieces of “Tangram”: objects with supernatural powers leading to the treasure!
    But the competition is far from being cordial: traps are set, people disappear more and more frequently... Apparently, someone wants to get hold of the booty at all costs! And that’s without mentioning the mysterious hermit who evokes a terrible curse...
    With "Eden's Quest - The Hunt for Akua", you will:
    - Live a story full of twists and upheavals!
    - Talk with both intriguing and endearing characters!
    - Explore captivating sceneries!
    - Rack your brain on numerous challenges!