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    finance and make a movie like "Turnpike Offenbach"

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    Uwe Kampmann

    von Uwe Kampmann

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    With a very low budged I have made several movies up to 25 minutes sometimes with a lots of people on the set. People in town were very helpfull, the videoworkers all had experience from TV Offenen Kanal ( TV Open Channel) Offenbach/Frankfurt, had been with their hearts at work. Tony Beun made the soundtrack from the TURNPIKE OFFENBACH serie. Each movie became his own titlesong. For each move I have found a professional female singer, so it was alwas joyfull, interesting connected with a hell of action to make this films. Two of them, one you see here on a short clip, did find a way to a festival in a real cinema full of cineastic people. Yeah, that´s what gives me a great feeling, to see what has befor in mind, had worked out fine and moves now on screen and people enjoy. Thank you for all people who had given a helpfull hand. Sincerly Uwe K. - Staring; Heinz Sieling, Thea van Vugt, Silvia During ,Rosario Petrungaro, Antoon Beun and Uwe Kampmann