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    Keri Hilson - I Like (Live @ New Years 2010)

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    Miss Undercover

    von Miss Undercover

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    Sun down, friday night, uptown city lights.
    Here I go start it out, I like.
    Dressed up out the door so damn ready for one night,
    maybe more, I like, I like.
    With strobe light, hot corse,
    dirty minds, when you cross my way, I like, I like,
    just you and I touch at first sight


    And the world around us won't stop turning tonight,
    I like, I like.
    I'm losing control right now and I feel it's right,
    I like, I like.
    We're caught in this moment I won't let you go,
    and the world around us won't stop turning tonight.
    I like, I like, I like, I like.

    Hey there pure star let's go way to far.
    Come a little closer I like,
    heart flips up and down, dancing on sleezy ground,
    bet'cha want to get it on,
    I like, I like, you've got me down right electrafide,
    don't stop the rides, I like, I like,
    Just you and I, here and now what a night.

    (I, I, I)