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    man in the chair - trailer


    by FilmloungeUK


    Cameron(Michael Angarano) is a teenage film buff living in Los Angeles dreaming of making movies himself someday. A Major film school school in LA has announced a competition for young filmmakers, but while Cameron has talent and ideas, he is short of cash. One Evening, while attending a screening of Orson Welles Touch of Evil, he sees an elderly man, Flash Madden(Christopher Plummer), shouting at the screen about his old pal Orson. While Flash doesn\'t much care for Cameron at first, in time he sees a kindred spirit in the movie-mad teenager, and offers his technical know-how to the would be director. With Flash\'s help, perhaps Cameron can manage to create just the sort of movie he longs to make..., the movie streaming website, features independent films to watch online or download for PS3, PSP, iPhone or PC.