Britain Isn't Working

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On the eve of a election in Britain this short film takes a humorous look at how the country is being run. The day starts just like any other. People ride to work in rows, the same things on TV and the computer makes the same noise when you switch it on.

Then something peculiar happens... Flights start to become delayed, the computer groans when it gets touched and a machine spits out passenger departure tickets at an airport. On TV... Two News Anchors introduce themselves on the Six O'Clock News and then go deadly silent live on air. They have no news. We see passengers stuck in a tunnel on the Tube. They read newspapers with no words printed inside. Mayor Bunion is desperately trying to cover up details of his personal life when we first meet him. He hires a woman to pose as his girlfriend as he admits, 'If the press found out I am completely faithful to my wife I'd be laughed out of office.' Then his Advisor steps in the room. He breaks the news; 'Sir, we have a problem...London isn't Working.' Finally, as the Mayor of London awaits instruction from the Prime Minister, his city literally shuts down beneath him. But then the Prime Minister devises a unique plan.


Belle Video ..! :o ,,........
By flying_angel1234 3 years ago
i love this video. anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? hihi
By indiangirl4u 3 years ago
dry humour at it's best, Perfect!
By necromancer09 4 years ago
By mmnemosyne 4 years ago
yeah, here full video

keep goin
By keeekeee102 4 years ago
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