MYTHOMAN - TERANGA live (mentally disabled musicians and pro

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MYTHOMAN is one TERANGA's favorite songs.

Download for free MYTHOMAN in HQ :

Impressive! Mentally handicapped musicians give the best of themselves on stage, playing with professionals. It is a cocktail of energy, generosity and sincerity, for all types of audiences. There are 2 parts : first part is the integral concert, and secondly a documentary that is to show the work and the process fo creating the music that the musicians go through, based on rhythm sensations.

More info and shows on :

Teacher and Artistic Director : Michael Bougon

DVD Director : Cyril Auribault pour Artis-Studio

Producer : Musique & Handicap 78

Musicien :
Spectacle musiciens handicapé :
Show with handicapped musicians :

Compositieur :

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