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    Gentrification - Barceloneta

    hamish campbell

    by hamish campbell

    Barcelona, Spain Gentrification is accelerating all over the world Here in Barceloneta a ones strong community is being transformed. We produced a Map to show what used to be here. The erased geography is a door that reminds us of the despaired spaces of la Barceloneta. It is not nostalgic, it remembers the history of the places that we feel are important. This square yoused to be a school, it was the hart of the naberhood, with an old market and football area. Now the is a empty square that goes to the beach. One more sentence…. Through looking at the past and the present we feel courage to decide better our future. A building that was ones a Food coop and a community center, left empty for more then 10 years. This area is traditionally the home of Fishermen and Dockworkers. Those who rent are now being push out by rising rents and the clearing of there old social connections. This area used to be a mixed community of slum dwellers, now vanished replaced with a park leading to the beach. The dictatorship bulldozed them away. Clearing away our history is the same as clearing away our communities, and with out community the modern world is a lonely place. We gathered to present a second map - what we need. Find out more -