Tracfone International calls at local rates

Stef Cowan
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With Tracfone you can place international calls to over a hundred countries at the same low rate of local calls . That is real value!


Tracfone and international calls. I have been spending my money on a contract cellphone company and after watching the video above about international call I went and switched before my contract ended. I have to pay a penalty fee but is worth it. I have family all over in Germany, Spain, and Mexico and they'll be happy to hear of us. Thanks Tracfone for thinking of individuals that can't pay international calls at a high rate.
By mysticmey 3 years ago
Just a little word out there for stoopid people like me. I got a tracfone and took it to england and thought it would work. It doesn't.
By Yiddleda 3 years ago
I have a contract phone and a tracfone. I use the tracfone for emergency pruposes as i know my tracfone will be there for me in times of need. I cannot say the same about my contract phone. When i get out of my contract i will be switching to solely tracfone usage. Until then i will keep a tracfone as a back up.
By mustbecrazy 3 years ago
This is brilliant. Cheap international calls are such a must for me. My family is always in different corners of the world and this really helps us to stay in touch. It gives me so much peace of mind, in an affordable way. Thanks Tracphone :)
By MarcoDoDo3 3 years ago
I'm a big fan of Tracfone because they're saving my family megabucks on international calls. When my hubby and I went for a week to Thailand my kids were phoning me twice a day on their Tracfones and I still can't believe it but the phone cost was only slightly higher because the kids phoned me in the morning and the evening and not because the calls were so expensive per minute. Tracfone charged us the price of a local call for my kids to phone Thailand. This is pretty awesome guys.
By arubascuba 4 years ago
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