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    Halfway House Orchestra - I Want Somebody To Love


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    The Halfway House Orchestra was named after a dancehall called the Halfway House that was halfway between New Orleans and Lake Pontchartrain. The group was led by Abbie Brunies, brother of George Brunies. Barataria and Pussy Cat Rag are the last recordings of Leon Roppolo. Members of the Halfway House Orchestra also appear on one other record accompanying singer Alberta Brown. Another of the Brunies brothers, Merritt led the Friars Inn Orchestra. The first photo shows the Halfway House where usually played the band named after it. As for this fabulous recording, it was made in 1927. The vocalist is listed as Johnny Saba. Lineup: Albert Brunies (cornet), Charlie Cordella (clt), Joe Loyacano (as), Angelo Palmisano (bj), 'Chink' Martin (bb) and Emett Rogers (d); the pianist might be Bill Whitmore. For a fascinating article about this underrated band check