"The Wabbit Turns 50" - from WWOR, Nov., 1989 - part 1!

Ray Glasser
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From Nov. 24, 1989, here is a great special covering the first 50 years of Bugs Bunny, called "The Wabbit Turns 50!" This is taped from WWOR in NJ. This is part 1. Lots of full-length cartoons in here!!!

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Thanks a lot for this special. I haven't seen it in 21 years. I used to have the special taped off of WWOR-TV back in 1989, but it got taped over and then lost it a long time ago. But it's great to see part 1 of this cartoon.

And by the way, "A Wild Hare" was featured on the "Looney Tunes - Golden Collection Vol. 4" DVD with the original credits, but this was the reissued "Blue Ribbon" version which is quite rare.

The opening sequence features cartoons from "Duck Rabbit Duck", "Show Biz Bugs", "Bugs Bunny Rides Again" and others. In addition to that, it has clips from two of the early shorts like "Hare-Um Scare-Um" and "Elmer's Candid Camera".

I can't wait for part 2.
By Chris 4 years ago