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    2010-02-27 yourdailyjingle presents: MLSP @ CMU

    Brian King

    by Brian King

    The last three weeks, I've had the pleasure of working with the Machine Learning for Signal Processing Group at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. If you noticed that the settings seemed a bit different on some of my previous videos, you were right! I was couchsurfing (google it!) in Pittsburgh the last three weeks. But anyways, back to the MLSP. The MLSP is led by Bhiksha Raj and Rita Singh, and is part of the Language Technology Institute at CMU, which is regarded as pretty much the TOP place for language technology in the world. Pretty cool! Their group has about a half dozen graduate students at the moment. Some of the MLSP's projects are robust speech recognition, source separation, dereverberation, and language processing. For more info, please check out Lyrics MLSP, learning with machines MLSP, signal processing If you're looking for the latest research In language and technology Then make your way on out to the city of steel Where you'll find it at the MLSP At Carnegie Mellon U in the Language Technology Institute, Although they're working hard, there's a playfulness in the air Because everyone's loving what they do Bhiksha Raj and Rita Singh Lead their graduate students fearlessly As a student, you couldn't ask for more So listen here, you students, what whatcha waiting for!