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    Guitar Hero DLC - Ticks (Expert Vocals FC)

    Bev Wooff

    by Bev Wooff

    Today's DLC feature focuses on Brad Paisley's "Ticks" from the Country track pack, as requested by werelord over at ScoreHero. I'm no fan of the genre though, but seeing its intensity level through the music store - marked at 8 out of 10 - I knew that this track would be challenging.

    But I wouldn't call it challenging as such, but more like borderline frustrating. I wasted 2 hours on Monday night trying to get it to vid, only to bite back with a strategy to get around the most chokable spots the following morning. And even at that, it was hard enough to keep combo otherwise due to some of the awkward notation here, so if you expect me to do sharp consonants for most of the song, you won't be able to find much here. I do however provide close enough to the correct pitches for people who are having problems themselves.

    Regardless, thanks :D