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    Ukraine's Foreign Policy Won't Change


    by NTDTelevision

    Viktor Yanukovych's program of foreign visists as head of state is not yet known, but experts believe Ukraine's foreign policy under the new president will remain the same.

    [Oleh Rybachuk, Chaairman: Public Expert Council Ukraine – EU]:
    "If we listen to his election program and speeches of the newly elected president, where he clearly and repeatedly said that the ultimate goal of his foreign policy is receiving full-fledged membership of Ukraine in the European Union, he emphasized the willingness to cooperate with NATO. And I am sure that under President Yanukovych, the target annual programs, which exist between Ukraine and NATO, will be executed. He named only political reasons about the impossibility of membership in NATO, but it was understandable for every Ukrainian a long time ago."

    However, neither NATO nor the EU is ready to accept Ukraine into their community. One reason is the disconnection among various branches of power.

    [Jacques Faure, French Ambassador in Ukraine]:
    "We need a stable Ukraine, in which the government works and has a good relationship with the president. And, of course, we are not very interested in seeing the continuation of a situation where the government says one thing, the president says another, and the Parliament Verkhovna Rada says maybe a third version. It doesn't give anyone a result."

    The second reason for the unstable role of Ukraine in the international arena is the instability of the economic situation in the country.

    [Sergei Tigipko, Leader: Strong Ukraine Party]:
    "We will be watched closely for the next six months by the Europeans, the United States, and they will wait for our actions. Because Europe and the United States will not respond to any words. If after six months here there's no reform, a real modernization of the country, the European Union and the United States will no longer be interested in us."


    NTD, Kiev, Ukraine.