EastEnders - Nana Moon learns how to play poker


by Ryanlcfc1

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Alfie goes round to invite the lads round to his place for poker, as it's something Nana wanted to do, and says the maximum will be a fiver. Minty agrees, but only if the maximum stakes are more than a fiver. Alfie mentions that Naomi is playing, so Garry wants to play as well. Alfie goes home and tries to explain the rules of poker to Nana.

At the poker game, Minty takes everyone's cash, as he's far better than anyone else. Then they get into a big hand with several hundred quid in the pot. Nana keeps betting, while Minty and Garry are busy trying to psyche each other out. Nana has 4 queens, but Minty has 4 kings and Garry a straight flush. Then Nana says her other card was a duff card - a joker and they all explain that she has won, as that's a wild card. Alfie can't believe her luck.

This clip was taken from an episode of EastEnders on Thursday 24th November 2005.