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    U.S. Hopes to Resume Six-Party Nuclear Talks


    by NTDTelevision

    North Korea quit six-party disarmament talks a year ago.

    U.S. nuclear envoy Stephen Bosworth arrived in South Korea from China today… on a mission to help restart dialog on the issue.

    Today his intention is to discuss North Korea's nuclear weapon program with South Korean officials and met with South Korea's chief nuclear envoy.

    [Stephen Bosworth, U.S. Envoy]:
    "We are continuing to work very closely to bring about the restart of the six party talks and I think that the U.S. and R.O.K cooperation has been one of the central elements for this process for a very long time."

    North Korea has demanded that Washington agree to peace treaty talks and lift sanctions in exchange for an end to their nuclear program.

    Washington says North Korea's demands for aid and improved relations can be addressed only along with renewed nuclear disarmament steps by Pyongyang.

    Bosworth's next stop is Japan.