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    Illuminati & Jay-Z - Satanic Verses

    Bonnie banderdash

    by Bonnie banderdash

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    his actions proove it dude ,you yourself should be ashamed of making this fool recording ,have you seen any of the internet evidence?,not he say she say bull, I mean evidence,evidence ! why would you wear a shirt."do what thou wilt' if u were jay z ,a known quote from allixter crowley,a satanist,that the beatles put on theire album cover sargent peppers , (jay z had a album called the black album like the beatles had 1 called the white album, their is no coicidences! Listen, you that value your soul , his work is to do anything ,anything (he is permitted to do in his space) to get all your money drag u to hell if he can.
    You better find out what the patience of the saints(people saved by the blood of Jesus the Christ) is (revelation 14), Jay z and others worship the Dragon .(or should i say Death or Satan) wake up , choose john 3:16 when u get to the crossroads. Don't give up your soul for fame& fortune,
    By 2gr33neyes4 years ago
    they say there is no proof.-listen.look at his videos, they don't care if they are exposed,the more they r, the more likely it is that u will except them(buying their merchandice,filling their pockets with green leaf) if you ignore Jesus the Christ, They r children of the beast (men),not God , following after their own lust, weaving web after web,,,,reveling in lies,their actions proove it, i can tell u first hand that i have had reletives that were masons and i can assure you from my studies and observance that they are no christians ,and involved themselves with unspeakable things. Remember the bible says satan is the father of all lies, face it ,jay z and others have been recorded lying ,find it on the net. He's either ignorant or evil for flaunting symbals that are plainly related to satanic and masonic connections. When one of his songs is played backwards it says 666 murder murder jesus.-to receive the mark of the beast,u must deny christ,. this is death
    By 2gr33neyes4 years ago