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    Australian Crocodile vs Old Man Who Wins? Crocodile Attacks


    by wabmay

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    Australian Saltwater Crocodiles Documentary...
    Name of Song is "Swamp"

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    Saltwater crocodiles are by far the most dangerous animals in Australia.

    They are huge, aggressive, territorial, and plentiful across the north of the Australian Outback.

    Australian saltwater crocodiles kill on average one to two people per year!
    You need to be aware of the danger if you travel in the northern Australian Outback.

    The Australian Saltwater Crocodile can be found all across the north of Australia.

    Australian saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptile in the world in terms of mass (can be over 1000kg).

    The males can reach a length of up to 6 or 7 metres (2.5 to 3m for females), though such a size is rare.