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    EastEnders - Dennis arrives on the Square (part 2)


    by Ryanlcfc1

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    Dennis asks Dot if the letter she is reading is bad news. She says it's from her son in prison and they strike up a long conversation about prison, which touches a chord with Dennis. When the louts return, they throw a stone through the window, scaring Dot, then run in and steal her handbag as Dennis immediately gives chase.

    They take the thief inside and Alfie tells Kat as she's leaving to give the bag back to Dot in the café. He offers Dennis a free drink, but is interrupted by Spencer who has returned closely followed by Mickey who produces some dodgy CDs that Spencer stupidly bought.

    He goes to the Vic and finds Dennis on the phone. Phil tells Dennis that he told him to go to wait for Sharon, and the Vic is his pub, and is generally throwing his not insubstantial weight around, so Dennis punches him, just as Sharon walks into the Vic and Alfie returns from upstairs.

    This clip was taken from an episode of EastEnders on Thursday 1st May 2003.