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Ch@ng€ for Micro Credits

il y a 8 ans291 views

Country of implementation: Beneficiaries countries : Benin, Togo, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Tadjikistan, Vietnam. Area of action: Worldwide
The French online lending platform babyloan.org - proposes to develop a “money box” (l’A Peu Prêt) for e-commerce transactions. The money box would be a voluntary option for consumers to round up online payments and to lend these funds to micro-entrepreneurs of their choice in developing countries. Consumer turned lenders would lend through the online micro-lending site babyloan.org. After repayment of the loan the lender could either reinvest in a new project or choose to get the money back. L’A Peu Prêt is a new way of consuming responsibly and an easy opportunity to help through microcredit.