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    EastEnders - Dennis arrives on the Square (part 1)


    by Ryanlcfc1

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    Sharon and Vicki wait for Dennis, who fails to show. Dennis arrives at Walford East, from the other side of the train tracks and finds the tube station locked. The attendant tells him he shouldn't cross the tracks - some are electrified and he'd have to clear up the mess. Dennis says smugly that he avoided those and he's just had 18 months of rules, bars and little Hitlers, does he want to be the one he takes it out on? The attendant unlocks the gates and lets Dennis out.

    He goes to the Vic instead of Sharon's, but Alfie has just spent all day phoning Spencer who has run off, and he is very short with Dennis. Dennis goes to the club, and watches people, including Phil asking Sharon about Dennis, and her telling him she's disappointed that he didn't show up.

    This clip by the way was taken from an episode of EastEnders on Thursday 1st May 2003.