St. Petersburg's First Coffee Museum Opens

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A couple from St. Petersburg has come up with a new treat for coffee lovers, a coffee museum. Here one can sample and learn the secrets of coffee making.

[Еlena Malkovsky, Coffee Museum Co-Owner]:
“This is not a business project, it’s a labor of love. It’s a place where one would want to invite friends to. A place where one would want to talk about things one knows about and love. And probably, out of our own love for coffee, this idea was born.”

High quality imported coffee is a key ingredient to the museum.

[Fyodor Malkovsky, Coffee Museum Co-Owner]:
“We based our idea alongside coffee imports to create this educational museum, where one can learn about the history of coffee. We created this space that you can see here where one can taste high quality coffee and learn practically everything about it.”

When the museum’s first batch of imported coffee arrived, coffee experts were invited to determine its quality, which proved to be of a high grade.

[Elena Malkovsky, Museum Co-Owner]:
“We received the most wonderful responses. Never has there been such a high grade of coffee in St. Petersburg.”

The coffee museum only buys washed Arabica (ara BEE yuh) beans - harvest of 2008 - a rich mix from Colombia, Guatemala and Costa Rica. The most expensive coffee is not harvested by humans, but by an animal called a luwak. It’s a wild animal from Indonesia that lives on palm trees.

[Igor Abramov, Project Manager]:
“The animal eats the ripe coffee fruits, the skin, and the soft interior. The beans go directly to his stomach, but don’t get digested. Then they naturally come out later and get collected. And it’s considered the most expensive type of coffee in the world today.”

At the coffee museum, a master barista shows visitors how to prepare five different types of drinks out of a single type of coffee. And while sampling a cup, one can discover first hand the intriguing world of coffee.

NTD, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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