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    Baking Cakes with Love


    by NTDTelevision

    Jana Rodova works as a cook in the village of Hradistko near Prague. But it’s when she’s at home that she really gets cooking.

    [Jana Rodova, Cake Chef]:
    “I have been producing cakes for three years and it’s my big hobby.”

    But her cakes are special, made for people with allergies.

    [Jana Rodova, Cake Chef]:
    “One lady told me her child was ill and nobody could help her. So she asked me. The child had to be on a gluten-free and milk-free diet. So I decided to help people with food allergies.”

    Jana has established a base of regular customers who place their cake orders mostly through the Internet.

    [Jana Rodova, Cake Chef]:
    “A lady wrote to me saying she would like to have a chocolate, gluten-free cake with cognac, raspberries and cream. She originally wanted white marzipan but I won her over with the chocolate one. It's luxury.”

    She selects ingredients carefully, based on a combination of taste and her customers’ specific allergies.

    [Jana Rodova, Cake Chef]:
    “I cook my own jams. I use a good quality chocolate without added chemicals and strengtheners. I also use fresh cream and I try to make everything the best possible.”

    [Jana Rodová, Cake Chef]:
    “This will be a two-color cake so I'm trying to make it nice-looking when it’s sliced.

    Jana receives a lot of thanks from people on her website “The Best Cakes.”

    One woman wrote: “The cake was amazing, like a fairy tale.”

    [Jana Rodova, Cake Chef]:
    “One mother told me her son had never tasted a birthday cake until he was six years old and the cake was perfect. The mother was so thankful when she called me. This is what makes me happy. In those moments, I see that my work has a purpose. I am not just baking ordinary cakes.”

    [Jana Rodova, Cake Chef]:
    “That ribbon makes it elegant and more luxurious. Even if you can’t eat it, it looks very nice.”

    [Jana Rodova, Cake Chef]:
    “This is my job and I enjoy it very much.”

    NTD, Hradistko, the Czech Republic.