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"Dismiss" est un morceau qui raconte une séparation du point de vue un peu décalé du mec qui n'en peut plus et qui ne prend pas de gants pour le dire !

"Please go and never come back
Leave me alone and hit the road like jack
Don't want you anymore in my arms
Let me go so I won't drag you down
Sick of your love I'm leaving town
Here we go I'm giving you back my crown

We had ou time and it wasn't so bad
But something went wrong somehow brought along
By time, cries, and our fake smiles
So please go along and leave me alone

Just that I got sick of your eyes and your smile
It's kind of mysthic how I grasped it in a blink of an eye
Don't think our future could be bright so miss dismiss

Be sure I need something new
There's nothing left between me and you
So how come you're still here whatever I do
I need a girl who won't stick to my shoes
I said a girl not a human goose
So if you're sad take a guitare and play the blues

I have no doubt you'll find the right guy
But it's not me and no I ain't sorry
I'm passing you by there's no use to cry
So miss, feel free to pack your things and flee


KAZAKO : myspace.com/mykazako
Kams & Nico : guitare et chant
Jeff : guitare solo
Farouk : basse
Bruno : guitare et batterie
Nassim & Karim : percussions

Tourné le 02 décembre 2009 au Sentier des Halles

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