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    Bad Lieutenant Twist of Fate

    NightLife Girls

    by NightLife Girls

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    i see you went into a similar direction as i did. which is good, why not? liked the use of sepias and textures here. nice work and good luck! cheers
    By almansoglasnost6 years ago
    NightLife Girls
    Yeah we did this video for Jordan's Boyfriend Chris (who just met Bernard ) as a gift for him, we never did it to win LOL but we did use as much natural surroundings around us before we move out of here. I thought your vid was so cute I watched it twice! Good luck! We LOVE PET SHOP BOYS- check our Youtube Channel for more videos we have an Always on my mind that's funny, as well as other remixes we've done!
    By NightLife Girls6 years ago
    Robbie Ryan
    Good luck to you girls as well! I'm also a big Pet Shop Boys fan, too!
    By Robbie Ryan6 years ago